How It Works

Never worked with a travel agent before? Many clients first come to me because they are too busy to plan their own trip or are overwhelmed by the huge number of vacation options advertised online. Although my services are tailored to every client and every situation, the steps below should give you a sense of the typical vacation planning process.


1. You Schedule a Call With Me

The best way for me to both get to know you and understand what you’re hoping to get out of your trip is to start with a short phone call. We can use this time to explore the type of trip you'd like and to learn about your travel style, allowing me to provide you with better potential vacation options. There is no cost involved with scheduling and having this conversation.


2. I Provide a List of Vacation Ideas

Within 1-2 days of our conversation, I will come back to you with a handful of options that fit your dates, desires and budget. Ideally, one is perfect and we move ahead with booking your trip, but with your feedback and guidance, I’m happy to present additional ideas and/or refine the itinerary. This is particularly true with complicated, multi-destination itineraries, where there might be multiple hotels, tours, etc. to choose from in each destination.


3. You Choose Your Trip

My goal is to present enough options for you to review. Ideally, you can sit down with a cup of tea and go through the itineraries, pricing and options and decide what appeals to you the most. I am available to answer any questions or get you clarity on any details about a resort, tour, etc. to help you make the best decision.


4. I Get All The Details Handled

Once you’ve made your choice, I handle securing flights, hotels, tours, trains and transfers to make your trip go smoothly. I will send you an invoice to review, and you will submit your deposit via an easy online form. I handle making the deposit, sending reminders if/when additional payments are due and preparing printed documents for you before your trip. In short, I look after all the moving pieces so you can focus on the countdown to your vacation.


5. You Take a Well-Earned Vacation

It's wheels-up on your vacation! Sometimes, things arise during your trip that require an extra set of hands. If an issue comes up and you need help, I can provide assistance or connect you with someone who can.

Have a question not covered here? Take a look at my FAQ.